At Torch Gym, we like to take a holistic approach to personal training and physical fitness. We start with a health assessment to obtain critical numbers pertaining to your age, height, weight, BMI and body fat. With these key metrics, we can better customize a meal plan and workout regime that will provide you with the blueprint for a better and healthier you. If you prefer more of a group environment, we have numerous boot camps for all fitness levels. We work with you at your own pace, while continuing to push your effort to be the best version of yourself. Torch Gym possesses a friendly environment with smiles and positive energy, which is usually lost when you go to corporate gyms that barely say hello when you sign in. We are a fitness family, so we want all our "cousins" to live their best life possible! 

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Founder, CPT

A former collegiate athlete, Tiffani has always known the importance of working out and staying fit. Her unique experiences has shaped the way she trains her clients, focusing on athletic style training while incorporating weights, HIIT training and functional training techniques.  She truly believes in bringing out your inner athlete in every session. She began Game Changer Development in 2013, opening Torch gym just three short years later.  Her goal is simple, help her clients gain a healthier lifestyle in a fun and welcoming environment... while not breaking the bank.  :-)

Get to know your Trainer

Favorite Exercise:  Burpees, Burpees and more Burpees

Favorite thing about training: Being apart of each clients journey to their fitness goals.  The bonds we form are amazing and inspiring.

What your clients should know: Get ready to work!  It is go hard or go home with me.  I pay close attention to all the details so when you think you can't i KNOW you can.  So be prepared to get after it every time :-)

Tiffani Jenkins certified personal trainer at Torch Gym

Jenn A DC Fitness, CPT

Jennifer's theory on exercise is to make fitness fun for everyone. She works towards improving the quality of peoples lives by empowering, motivating, and challenging each client throughout their fitness journey.  She has a strong background in the health and wellness field which is geared towards getting both male and female clients living a long, healthy, and fit lifestyle.  Jennifer also holds a strong sports specific training background with experience in both outdoor and indoor sports.

Get to know your Trainer

Favorite Exercise: HIIT and Resistance Training anything :-)

Favorite thing about training: I love to motivate and show people that their possibilities are endless.  I love the art of exercise as an expression of positive energy!

What your clients should know: They should expect to be challenged because it is through challenges that we all get better.  We will set S.M.A.R.T. goals and constant evaluation and implementation of the plan set to ensure we reach our goals.

Jenn is a Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in HIIT and Resistance Training at Torch Gym
Keonna is  Certified Personal Trainer of B.A.E. and Keep it Tight. Fitness instructor who specializes in boot camps, wih emphasis on functional movement and HIIT exercises at Torch Gym

Keep it Tight Training, CPT

Keonna is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor with over 6 years of experience.  Tiffany specializes in small and large group bootcamps, with emphasis on functional movement and HIIT training techniques.

Get to know your Trainer

Favorite Exercise: Lower body anything :-)

Favorite thing about training: When a client reaches a new goal, or when they have success with an exercises they could not previously perform. It is all about the progress for me.

What your clients should know: My clients should always expect a fun, energetic and effective workout that will leave you sweaty, sore and possibly hating me for at least an hour:-).  It is all good because once the gains start showing you will love me then. Basically expect the best "Love-Hate" relationship that you will ever be apart of.